Online Streaming – Heroes Season 02 Episode 10 [Truth and Consequence]

Heroes, Season 2,Milo Ventimiglia,  Noah Gray-Cabey,  Greg Grunberg,  Ali Larter,  Adrian Pasdar,  Masi Oka, Heroes Season 02 Episode 10 [Truth and Consequence] story so far.. Peter travels to Primatech Paper in Texas with his new friend to destroy the virus, which will kill 93% of the world’s population in the future or so he believes. Niki returns to Micah with bad news.

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Last week The Chitika Blog hosted an Expert Mini-Series in which 5 experts gave their favorite Chitika & Google Adsense ad placement tips. Just in time for the holiday shopping season! Read all about these 5 great tips below..

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The Real 300 Story!!

there’s an ambassador on his way to Sparta. A bloody war will begin soon..

This is too crazy!!


This is Sparta!!

This is also Sparta!!

This is still Sparta!!

No matter what, this is sparta!!

You are nuts!!


This is Sparta!!

Even he is a king, he also need guidance from the God…

Please guide me!! The God of Sun!!

You crazy ar!! It’s night time and you care calling me out!! Go away la~

Damn That Sun~
The, the king sets off with his strongest army..

On the way, they met an ally..
How are you~

This is all you’ve got?


You!! What you do?

I’m the hero of justice~

How about you?

I’m harry potter~

And you?

I’m the pride of Saiya~

Ha!! A bunch of small characters!!

Brothers!! tell them what we do!!

Andy Lau: I just want to be a good person!!(andy’s song title)

This is Sparta!!

Then, they reached the dark tower….the war will begin soon..

Let them know!!

What is Sparta!!

I just want to say, this is none of my business!!

Surrender!! Spartans!!



Actually…I’m your father!!


I want to revenge!

This is Sparta!!

The Spartan army are unstoppable~Finally, they reached to face the dark lord..

I can’t believe it..It’s you..


I lost….

My dynasty has come!!

Hmm!! You are too dumb~

Ahh!! My heart!? You!?

Thats right~This is Sparta!!

Then the Spartan lives happily ever after.

~The end~

Some of you may find this offensive. But this is none of my business too.

Because this is Sparta! Muahahaha !! 😛

Movie: The Kingdom Movie Trailer

The Kingdom Movie Trailer A team of U.S. counter-terrorism investigators set out to find the perpetrators behind a deadly attack on Americans in a Middle Eastern country. In order to work through the bureaucracy and cultural hostility, the team enlists a local police officer. Watch the movie trailer..

The Kingdom Movie Trailer

Crazy Funny Jackie Chan Movies Out-Takes

Funny Jackie Chan Movies Out-Takes Check out some of Jackie Chan funny out-takes from his old movie, really fun to watch !!

Crazy Funny Jackie Chan Movies Out-Takes

Funny Slow Motion Photography – Balloon Bursting

Funny Slow Motion Photography - Balloon Bursting Here’s some fun slow motion photography.. Watch the clip of the water balloon bursting, pretty amazing .. See more photos here..

Slow Motion Photography – Balloon Bursting

SEO: 20 Things You Need to Know Before Optimizing a Web Site

20 Things You Need to Know Before Optimizing a Web Site One of the most important aspects of a search engine optimization project is also one of the most overlooked – preparation! There are some important steps to take in advance of optimizing your site that will make sure your SEO is successful.

Before You Start

Before you start any search engine optimization campaign, whether it’s for your own site or that belonging to a client, you need to answer the following questions: 1) What is the overall motivation for optimizing this site? What do I/they hope to achieve? e.g. more sales, more subscribers, more traffic, more publicity etc.

2) What is the time-frame for this project?

Continue to read more.. 20 Things You Need to Know Before Optimizing a Web Site

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