Funny Bunny Commiting Suicide Comic

Funny Bunny Commiting Suicide ComicEver seen a rabbit committing suicide? Here’s some funny bunny suicide.. see more

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Akira – Japanese Anime Music Video with Music by Seal – Crazy

Akira - Japanese Anime Music Video with Music by Seal - CrazyCool Anime Music Video.. from the anime “Akira” with song “Crazy” by Seal.  Watch clip >> Anime Music Video – Animation: Akira – Music – Crazy by Seal Lyrics

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Marvel’s Scariest Moments

Marvel’s Scariest MomentsWe polled some of the best and brightest writers, artists and editors from the House of Ideas to find out what moments from Marvel Comics history sent them crying for their mommies. Here’s what they came up with…

#100: “The Man in
the Crazy Maze”

Bob Gale (writer of “Back to the Future” and upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)
“Okay, I’m really dating myself here, but when I was ten or eleven years old, I read STRANGE TALES #100. I didn’t have a very big comics budget back then, so I read it in the drug store. The cover story was “The Man In The Crazy Maze” by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, about a guy who found himself stuck in a spook house from which the only exit was literally hell. I can’t say it exactly scared the crap out of me, but being a normal 5th grader who loved going into spook houses, I thought it was pretty creepy! And due to my overactive imagination, I think that NOT owning the comic always made it scarier in retrospect.”

The debut of Mindworm

Bill Rosemann, (Marvel editor):
“So there I am, about eight years old, and I’m flipping through an issue of MARVEL TALES, which at the time was running reprints of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Anyway, this one issue reprinted AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #138, featuring the first appearance of Mindworm. I don’t know if it was his giant head, his bugged-out eyes, his bizarre mouth, his thinning but still long hair, his overly-muscled but pale body, his funky brown shorts or his hippy sandals…BUT HE SERIOUSLY FREAKED ME OUT!”

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Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes !!

Marvel Super Heroes  !!